Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Importance of Community

What a lovely and humbling experience to write a blog announcing the opening of Sangha Yoga Studio in historic district Loveland Ohio. Becky Morrissey and I have joined hearts and hands, in service of a quaint little community space for spiritual aspirants to commune and grow together through the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Sangha (san-gha), which means "community" "company" or "association" in sanskrit, is the foundation of this sacred space. Community is one of the fundamental aspects for living a dharmic, righteous life. It is the essence to our life, the support we need in times of trial. Sangha is the cord that binds each of us together, it is the Source of that which illumines.

Every individual inherently seeks to commune with someone, something. We are drawn to the power beyond the individual one and to the power of many and we seek that communion through relationships with others or even through our relationship with the Divine.

As a human species however, we seem to have lost the interest for deep, sincere and intimate connection with others. Modern technologies have introduced us to the idea of superficial relationships and we have blindly complied, nearly becoming addicted to the machine. With facebook, twitter, emails and texts we have evolved into a time where we connect with others through superficial and emotionally-cold means.

How much can you really feel through a text message or email?
How deep are your relationships with others through facbook or twitter?
Do you seek deeper, more authentic relationships in your life?

The ideal of an authentic community is possible. It sweetly requests your willingness to reach out, to open, to connect. Community is your nature. Community is real.

How willing are you to connect?
How much do you long to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Join us at Sangha... and join us in creating a sustainable and spiritual community. Every member is an integral part of the whole. Come and share your Self with us... we look forward to illuminating and glowing together.

Opening this December, website coming soon.
Sangha Yoga Studio
112 North Second Street
Loveland Avenue on SR 48 - historic downtown
Loveland, Ohio 45140