Monday, May 13, 2013

Know that you are Divine

Upon finishing my morning Sadhana, or spiritual practices, I typically draw a daily inspirational reading from a few of my favorite books. The other day I chose Swami Chidananda's Daily Sadhana book and randomly opened to a page.

The page was titled "Know that you are Divine." It was so inspiring I thought I would share with you a portion of the reading...

"Beloved children of the Divinity! Radiant Rays of the eternal Light Divine! No matter what state of unfoldment you find yourself in, essentially, inwardly, in truth and in fact you are Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, even at this moment. Nothing can rob you of that. In your essential nature you are That. You are eternally linked with that infinite ocean of Joy, Bliss and Wisdom. If you realize That, your whole life blossoms forth into a radiance of love, bliss, happiness, peace and serenity.

Every day try to make it a point of being conscious of what you really are. Make yourself God-centered. Become one with the Existence Principle, which is even in a blade of grass, a speck of dust, a wisp of cloud, and every mode and expression of life.

Verily, you are children of the Divine. You have come here to live like gods, talk like gods, act like gods. Know that you are Divine. Grow day to day into a greater realization of that joyful Awareness. The Divine Life is the sole task of your mortal existence. From Divinity has your being been brought. In Divinity let your life be led. Eternal Divinity is your ultimate destination. Know Thyself and be Divine! Let our life be filled with supreme Fulfillment."

Blessings to you and remember today and always "Thou art Divine, live up to it."

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