Monday, May 6, 2013

I am God-Intoxicated

On my recent visit at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in upstate New York, one day I was doing Karma Yoga. As I headed to the marketing computer to do some work on the website, laying on the keyboard was a poem by Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh India, our main Guru. I began reading the poem and quickly realized it was a poem he wrote while fully illumined, fully enlightened. Here is the poem...

I am God-Intoxicated by Swami Sivananda
"I have realized the Atman
Through the grace of the Lord and the Satguru.
I am unattached and free.
All doubts and delusion have vanished.
I am free and ever blissful.
I am free from fear
As I rest in that non-dual state.
Fear is due to duality.
I am God-intoxicated
I am Brahman-intoxicated.
I have attained perfection and freedom.
I live in the Pure Consciousness.
I have won the game of life.
I have won, I have won!"

This left me really contemplating "intoxication." I began investigating intoxicants in general and why our society seems to be bombarded with them. And more than just drugs and alcohol, there are numerous intoxicants that pull us outside of our own personal suffering. I believe that caffeine, gossip, drama, shopping, material wealth, etc can also be intoxicants.

It seems that by our human nature, we seek intoxication in the sense of "loosing ourselves." While we are intoxicated we seem to go beyond the mind, beyond the limitations of our beliefs and enter the world of the unknown, the land of the free... or so it appears.

But really how free are we in that state of temporary intoxication? How conscious are we during intoxication?

It's interesting that someone may be innately shy but give them a few alcoholic drinks they begin dancing with pure abandonment. It's something about intoxicants that gets us hooked. I think this is where addiction comes into play. The person desires to "loose" him/herself in the intoxication, only to realize later that it is a temporary experience. And since that intoxicant provided a temporary opportunity to step out of personal suffering, then we become addicted to the intoxicant and have to have more of it in order to experience the "loosing ourself" aspect again. The problem is, the suffering never ceases to exist.

But what if we actually decided to become God-intoxicated. What if we removed our temporary intoxicants and put our energies into "loosing" ourselves in the peace, love and light of God? How do we even do that? I think its related to another insight I had a a couple months ago with my blog "Living a Spiritual Experience Every Day." Its about how willing are we to experience the Grace of God in this very moment. Beyond the veils of life. Beyond the veils of intoxication. Beyond the veils of suffering.

So I ask you to personally investigate your relationship with intoxication.

Why do you seek intoxication?
What intoxicants do you use in your daily life to "loose" yourself?
Do they provide eternal peace and happiness?
Do they give you the ability to truly be free?
How willing are you to step into a life of being God-intoxicated?

Remember, you are a Divine Being already intoxicated with God's Grace and Peace. Be willing to loose yourself in the abundance of Grace that surrounds you and consumes you in every single moment.

Stop seeking intoxication in an empty well. Search for the infinite well of Love and Light and be one with all that was, all that is and all that will be. That infinite well is only found within you, not in the external world of temporary pleasure.

Seek within and you will be set free.


  1. This intrigues me, Lila, and I consider those things that provide an escape - coffee provides an escape from morning grogginess, shopping provides a distraction from my mess-of-a-closet. The list goes on and on. I'd not considered this before today. Thank you for this.

    Bright blessings,