Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breathing into the Heart

In the heart of all beings rests the essence of the soul. The seat of all virtues; compassion, unconditional love, peace, contentment, honesty. The heart is the foundation of who you are. Your heart center is your direct connection to the Divine.

As you enter the heart-center, allow your breath to expand the space of the heart. Each time you inhale, notice how your upper abdomen initiates each breath. Notice the rise of the lower, middle and upper chest and the expansion of the lungs and rib cage.

As you exhale, notice how the abdomen gently draws back towards the spine and the air is released from the lower, middle and upper lungs. Let go of any areas of tension or tightness. Let the exhale release negative thinking habits of separation and judgment.

Visualize each inhale as an opportunity to recall the Divinity which is the essence of who you are. Reclaim your True Nature. Remember your Divinity. Thrive in the strength of conscious breathing.

Allow each inhale and exhale to take you beyond name and form, beyond identity and personality.

Breathe in Love.
Breathe in Light.
Breathe in God.

Merge with all that Exists and...

Just Be You.

For you are worthy.
You are special.
You are Divine.

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