Friday, September 28, 2012

500 Shades of Gray

A few months ago when I was gathering information about the human eye for the Visual Yoga Certification Course, I came across an interesting fact that has become one of the most influential teachings in my life.

Did you know the human eye can see over 500 shades of gray? Isn't that something!

From that fun fact, an inquiry was born...

If the human eye can see 500 shades of gray, why does it seem like the human mind can only see black and white? Why is it so difficult to accept the diversity, the "gray" in life? Why is it that my perspective is right (white) and yours is wrong (black)? Why do I defend my worldly understanding and give it more merit than yours?

These questions initiated further investigation... "Do I see 500 shades of gray in my own life? Do I offer others' beliefs, perspectives and opinions the same merit as my own, honoring all shades of gray?"

The universe is filled with diversity. Our eyes can see a multitude of shapes and colors. Each mind, each understanding, is unique. This we all know. So if this is the case, why can't we acknowledge the "gray" in life?

Here are a few self-inquiries for you:

* Do I live with a "500 shades of gray" perspective, allowing others' opinions and views to hold the same merit as my own?

* Do I see "500 shades of gray" in my own life?

* How can I begin to apply "500 shades of gray" perspective to my life and my mind?

Remember, no self-criticisms about the colors you really see after investigating. Accept whatever is the Truth.

According to the ancient Yogis, the only constant is change. If this is true, then you can and will change how you see the world. It just takes awareness and self discipline to remind yourself of life's diversity.

Begin today to breathe-in the diversity of life that creates the magnificent rainbow of "gray".


  1. I've observed this tendency for people people to polarize things by seeing them as only black or white. I've found that the most interesting stuff and quite probably, the solutions they seek are within those 500 shades of gray not at the ends of the spectrum.

  2. Yes. I can observe that there are many yoga styles and paths. But we like the one we walk best. Are all yoga styles equal but different? Are they shades of gray?