Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Tips to a Slower Paced Life

Modern society is running at a pace few are able to sustain. It's as if our own bodies are now vibrating at speeds similar to jet planes, bullet trains and even our own 80mph automobiles. Life is speeding by like the passing trees and buildings on our daily commutes.

Do you take time to notice the details instead of only seeing a blur? Are you feeling fulfilled in your life?

These are certainly two very tough questions that can initiate an honest view of your pace today.

But how can one begin to step out of this rat-race and begin to mosey, or slow down?

Here are 5 Tips to a Slower Paced Life

1. Choose to walk, bicycle or take the bus instead of driving. One way to greet the world around you is to slow down. If you are going down the street (within a mile or so), choose to take slower forms of transportation. Have you ever noticed how many "hello's" greet you on the sidewalk, than on the freeway? This will give you more time to appreciate all that surrounds you. If you are traveling further than a few miles hop on the local bus where you can simply sit down and enjoy the ride and scenery.

2. Go for a stroll in nature. Walking in a forest is a sure-fire way to remind you just how small you are and yet, how you are a part of the whole. Also, if you consciously observe the pace of nature you can be sweetly reminded of how to sway with the breezes of life, work as a whole organism and revert to the simplicity of life.

3. Simply Sit. All too often we think that our lives are so busy that we cannot take the time to sit down and be still. This is an all-too-often play of the ego. You do have time. You are able to sit and be still. So... simply do it. Sit down, breathe and embrace the Life that is within, and around, you.

4. Add your Self to your to-do list. By adding yourself to your daily to-do list, you can more easily carve out time to spend with your Self (spirit) as well as your family / friends. Remember, what appears soooo important is just that... an appearance. You set the priority. Dedicate time for Self-reflection, Self-communion and Self-expression. You are worth it!

5. Take moments throughout the day for conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is the easiest and quickest way to slow down; plus its only need is that you remember to practice it. A simple suggestion is to make a few sticky notes and post them in random places within your life... on the computer, the refrigerator, in your bathroom, and even in your car. The more places you can be reminded, the better.


  1. Wonderful advice Lila! Thank you.

  2. thank you for this. Especially #3 & 4. So often I hear (or think) I am too busy. Of often I say or think "I work too much." But I don't do anything about it. It is as if being too busy to take a break validates my being (the ego at work). I think it is the opposite - taking time to just be is what validates our being - not that it needs validating. I do think it is beneficial for us to dig deep inside ourselves, and be brave when it feels uncomfortable, breathing into it - embracing it - taking it to the edge, and maybe beyond. More of a confirmation than a validation.